LG Healthcare, an independent physician owned medical practice, was formed when Dr. Bruce Bell, the preeminent family physician in the Barrington area, asked Dr. John Gong, one of the premier hospital medicine specialists at Good Shepherd Hospital, to take over his medical practice.

LG Healthcare Philosophy:

Your Health

Our Commitment

Our primary responsibility is our patient’s wellness. We strive to provide the best healthcare available wherever our patients need us most. In our office, we are devoted to the most effective preventative care by following evidence based guidelines and careful analysis of our patient’s risk factors and clinical history. Our goal is to prevent complications from chronic illness. When such complications do occur, our medical director’s award winning background in hospital medicine provides unique insight to the quickest and most long standing recovery. If nursing home care is required, our vast experience in nursing home management will be invaluable to an expedited return home. LG Healthcare provides the care you deserve wherever and whenever you need it.